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Forum for Global Challenges: Creating an inclusive, healthier and sustainable future

By Hisham Mehanna posted 19 Jan, 2021 13:43


The world faces multiple challenges – the climate emergency, 700 million people living in extreme poverty and relentless loss of animal and plant species. The global pandemic has added to these challenges and reminds us that global challenges cannot be tackled in isolation. They must be tackled together.

Acting on multiple global challenges for a more equal, fair and sustainable world requires communication, collaboration and cooperation.

This is the role of the Forum for Global Challenges.

What is the Forum for Global Challenges?

The Forum for Global Challenges is an international conference that aims to catalyse action on global challenges. It will achieve this by bringing together academics, policymakers, practitioners, the private sector, civil society and the public to share evidence, learn lessons and develop consensus.

In May 2022, the first conference of the Forum for Global Challenges will take place in Birmingham, in the UK, marking the city’s role in hosting the Commonwealth Games in the same year. At the same time, satellite meetings will take place in several other countries, increasing global participation and impact.

For the Forum to make a real difference in global cooperation and local action, communication, collaboration and cooperation must start now. This will happen in three ways:

  1. A programme of debates, webinars and roundtables will take place to review cutting-edge research and practice.
  2. Later in 2021 and early 2022, events will take place in countries around the world, following the Queen’s Baton Relay through multiple Commonwealth countries.
  3. An Online Community will to be open to contributions from all, encouraging the sharing of experience and ideas, and generating and testing solutions.


The Online Community

The Online Community of the Forum for Global Challenges is open to everyone to sign up to and contribute. Discussions will start with a blog post, video or event such as an online talk or debate, encouraging people to share their ideas, evidence and experience. Anyone who has signed up can contribute to the discussion, providing ideas and examples, but also offering criticism and suggesting new topics and issues. A group of researchers, policy-makers, representatives of industry, business and civil society and students will support each discussion, encouraging further exchange and participation, and building the evidence and ideas for the 2022 conference.

The Forum priority challenges: climate change and inequalities

The Forum for Global Challenges will focus on the two priority challenges of our times: climate change and inequalities. We’ll work on tackling these challenges from multiple perspectives by examining many topics and issues in detail. These our shown below:

Let’s start now!

Help us set the agenda for the Forum for Global Challenges and contribute to making a difference for people and the planet.

 Join the discussion by contributing your thoughts on these questions:

  1. What critical changes are needed to move the world to a fairer and more sustainable future?
  2. How can those changes be delivered in different parts of the world?
  3. What might slow progress of efforts to move the world to a fairer and more sustainable future?

 Tell your friends. Make new friends. Join the Online Community and make a difference.