About the Community


Why join the Online Community?

Through the creation of this dedicated online community space, our aim is to build a truly global and inclusive participation in the Forum for Global Challenges, heading towards the inaugural international conference in May 2022, and creating a digital legacy far beyond.

The Forum online community is completely free and open for anyone to sign up to, taking just a few minutes via the sign up page. This entitles you to 24/7 all-year-round access to exclusive content, tools & resources:

  • Discussion forums – ask a question or contribute your own thoughts and ideas
  • Access to on-demand recordings and blogs from industry experts
  • Resources – browse shared files, videos and more, and contribute your own
  • Grow your professional network and build worldwide connections
  • Enhance your knowledge through shared guidance and best practice
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and events from the Forum for Global Challenges
  • Personalise your experience – follow topics and stay up to date with what matters most to you
  • Participate in a unique, forward-thinking community, set to make a change in matters of global importance

Online Community Topics

All members are automatically part of the Open Forum, which is focussed on system-wide solutions to climate change and inequalities and brings together all of the topics.

For more in depth discussion on specific challenges, there are topic communities on the following:

  • Education and Employment Futures
    Exploring frameworks to deliver inclusive and sustainable education and livelihoods for everyone, to help societies flourish globally
  • Food and Nutrition Security
    Exploring solutions to improve food availability, equal access to nutritious food and stability of food supplies
  • Future of Cities
    Exploring ways to reduce social inequalities and the environmental footprint of cities to improve them for all
  • Green Economy
    Exploring how greening the economy could facilitate an inclusive, sustainable recovery
  • Health and Wellbeing
    Exploring approaches to address health inequalities with the goal of optimising physical and mental health across the lifespan
  • Mobilities and Migration
    Exploring how changing physical and social mobility structures for goods, services and people can shape future, sustainable societies
  • Restoring Nature
    Exploring how we can restore and live in harmony with nature in ways that are fair, inclusive and sustainable

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you around Global Challenges and their potential solutions!