Conversation on Statelessness, governance, and the problem of citizenship

Starts:  Nov 3, 2021 16:00 (GMT)
Ends:  Nov 4, 2021 22:00 (GMT)
Associated with  Open Forum

The lead up to the Commonwealth Games is an ideal moment to reflect upon citizenship in Commonwealth countries and beyond. In this series of collaborative workshops, scholars in Commonwealth and other countries around the globe will engage with a diverse audience to discuss ‘the problem of citizenship’.

We will look at how citizenship policies can effectively ‘displace people in place’. Without moving, individuals are turned into outsiders within their home societies, often becoming subject to migration controls. Histories of colonialism and decolonisation contribute to this reality. This presents a challenge to the realisation of the core Commonwealth principles of consensus and common action, mutual respect, inclusiveness, transparency, legitimacy, and responsiveness. This is a challenge that we seek to address. We hope that you’ll join us.

The event will be composed of 4 workshops, evenly spaced through the 24-hour period, as well as additional locally organised activities. The locally organised activities are still being confirmed and attendees will be able to find more information in the Mobilities and Migration topic community.

For details of the 4 workshops, speakers and to register - please visit the Eventbrite page

This event coincides with the publication of a new book from Manchester University Press: Statelessness, Governance, and the Problem of Citizenship. The speakers and facilitators are drawn from among the contributors to the book project. A 30% discount code is available in the Mobilities and Migration topic community. 



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