Heather Steele

University of Birmingham

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University of Birmingham


(she/her) Research Fellow within BCRRE, and Deputy Academic Lead for the Forum for Global Challenges. My research interests centre on simulation, modelling and data analysis to support the sustainable development of railways. I completed my Ph.D at the University of Birmingham, focussed on evaluating railway energy-saving measures. I was then awarded a place on the Daiwa Scholarship Programme - 19 months of language study, homestay and work experience in Tokyo. During this time I was a visiting researcher at the Railway Technical Research Institute 

I returned to BCRRE in 2019, where I have since worked on a broad range of industrial projects. I hope to develop a portfolio of technical and educational projects encompassing the realm of sustainable digitalisation. I also volunteer as the Networking and Development Manager for the Young Rail Professionals in Scotland (where I live).